Johnson Therapy Services Muscle Rub

The Johnson Therapy Services muscle rub is the natural solution for discomfort and pain associated with your muscles and joints! Johnson Therapy Services Muscle Rub is designed to help you find quick and easy relief from ailments like soreness, stiffness, tightness, and aching. 

Our unique formula combines the best natural
ingredients for the quickest and most comfortable relief.

This muscle rub is a safe and effective and was created and developed by the therapist owner.

Choose the relief that's right for you, and trust our team to get you back to your highest level of functioning as soon as possible.

Discover the Johnson Therapy Services difference and begin feeling better today. With our muscle rub, your body can reach the highest level of comfort and relaxation, and you can engage with the world in a whole new way! Shop Johnson Therapy Services muscle rub today and start finding the relief you deserve.

$30.50 8 oz. Container + shipping

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